The Hills Have Eyes: Wes Craven produces this remake of his 1977 classic of the same name, about the Carters, an idyllic American family travelling through the great American southwest. But their trip takes a detour into an area closed off from the public, but more importantly from society. An area originally used by the U.S. Government for nuclear testing that was intended to be empty...or so they thought? When the Carter's car breaks down at the old site, they're stranded...or are they? As the Carters may soon realize that what seemed like a car casually breaking down, might actually be a trap. This trap might be perpetrated by the inhabitants of the site who aren't pulling a prank, but are out to set up a...

  • Currently 6.40/10
(100278 votes)
Released: March 10, 2006
Runtime: 107 mins
Genres: Horror Thriller
Actors: Ted Levine, Emilie de Ravin, Vinessa Shaw, Kathleen Quinlan

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The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Comments

Posted by verderubro

Good movie. Not that scary. gory yea... 6/10

Posted by karisma_fan

one of my Fav .... 10/10

Posted by Dreaamer

splendid movie .. a must watch well if you're into horror films

Posted by RMT197

a pretty decent film, nothing special ill leave a review below!

Posted by Vamptasia

This is one of my Favourite all timers. I watch it over and over. Acting is Brilliant, right down to the expressions on all faces. The make~up was unbelievably real and I will continue watching until I die.

Posted by foxyladyxx

disturbing movie but you cant help but watch 7/10

Posted by cupozoe3

Just another movie that exploits fear of the abnormal. Very insulting to people who do suffer from congenital birth defects and radiation poisoning.

Posted by proana

Great horror film, that actually had fine acting and an alright plot. I always wanted to watch this when I was younger! I thought it looked so scary, and loved the title! I'm really glad that I finally got to watch it. It was pretty scary, but mostly just gross and full of gore. Well worth watching if you're into horror movies!

Posted by yvetterocks

good horror film!! i was hesitant at first about the film after i saw the second one but this one was good glad i gave it a chance.

Posted by KellenO

Xlnt horror flick! Part 2 is okay but this one is much better!!!

Posted by manuelkazanjian

OKee, and what happens after they killed them???

Posted by eggdee

im gonna watch this this movie 10/10

Posted by Nokturnl

Great movie 5/5 stars if you like gore give it a watch

Posted by feefeetrixy

really found this movie outdrawn n not very interesting, good acting but not the best storyline

Posted by Adira

This one for me personally was not very good. I would only give it a 2/5...Maybe I missed something...I wanted to like it, I truly did...I even watched it twice..but it just didnt get my attention. But its good to see that a lot did enjoy it. :0)

Posted by vinodh

jeez! i was very concerned hw it vil b while startin 2 watch...but guys its a treat to our expectations....go WATCH IT NOW....... i rate>>> 7/10 :-)

Posted by movie_tyrant

a great remake and definately worth a watch..see full review below...

Posted by yasmy_girl_2010

omg...i shouldn't watched sick, i'll have nightmares , but the story is very good and even it's disgusting it's a good movie

Posted by madison866

One of my fav horror movies :)

Posted by MagicSlaughter

Pretty good movie. Deserves a watch 7/10

Posted by DitzyDaffy

It was hard to watch some parts of this movie. I think that was a good thing, because it means that this film did what it was intended to do - scare me. Doug is easily my favourite character. Badass mode activate!

Posted by swifty

good movie better than i thought it would be and for the characters (in this edition) is was a positive ending, well as much as having your whole family brutally murdered can be, for what it is i give it 4/5

Posted by Jowel

this is a great movie i thought it would be scary 10/10

Posted by KissesfromBoston

Very good movie. Good gore and good acting. They picked the wrong family. ;-) Now i am off to see the original.

Posted by gothicchick17

good movie, acting was great. but i thought it was kinda humorous how everyone just ignored the other sister during most of the movie. Poor girl.

Posted by diehardgolfer

awesome gore in this one and i was shocked how well it turned out. great action to and acting was above avg too. 2 thumbs up.

Posted by bsevs

Solid remake, pretty bloody but not nearly as violent as people make it out to be, just super dark themes throughout. Pretty good acting performances from most of the cast though. 7/10

Posted by jaisankaru

I recommend it. Good movie good acting 8/10

Posted by Hok

Good movie although had me cringing a bit 9/10

Posted by joey_din

i like this film..

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