A Nightmare on Elm Street: Death stalks the dreams of several young adults to claim its revenge on the killing of Freddy Kruger. Chased and chastised by this finger-bladed demon, it is the awakening of old memories and the denials of a past of retribution that spurns this hellish vision of a dreamlike state and turns death into a nightmare reality.

  • Currently 5.10/10
(48851 votes)
Released: April 27, 2010
Runtime: 95 mins
Genres: Fantasy Horror Thriller Mystery
Actors: Connie Britton, Kellan Lutz, Thomas Dekker, Katie Cassidy

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Comments

Posted by RMT197

horror movies really need to start becoming good again. There was no need for this remake, however it was watchable. but nothing new at all. Freddy is still a classic horror character though and you gotta love him. 6******

Posted by penthius

no doubt better looking than you!

Posted by Keisha_R

i watched it at the start then when this guy cut his own throat with a knife i turned it off. it seemed real scary but i dont like gross shows mostly so if you want a scary gross show you might like this one.

Posted by Dwright23

This a cool movie to watch it had funny moments Freddy talk to much 10/10

Posted by selrahc77

It was actually pretty good for another Freddy movie, 4/5

Posted by MissGhoulscout

I was VERY disappointed with this film! Instantly watching it I knew the actor was the same guy playing Rorschach in the Watchmen as he hadn't changed his style of acting at all. Freddy looked more like a hairless gorilla than a burn victim. It has nothing on the original at all! Why can't they just leave the originals alone?

Posted by Nokturnl

Kinda mixed emotions about this film 3/5 stars

Posted by Fracking

I was verrrry disappointed this remake was horrible if you saw the original I,m sure you would agree with me on this I give this lousy remake a 1/5

Posted by MannyCastro94

i am going to watch this but in the theater....

Posted by darkxote

It wasn't scary, it just made you jump all the time, it got annoying.

Posted by Tretch666

bastard child of a thousand maniacs

Posted by timnemeth

Robert Englund was the best freddy.. the best. the 1984 was the best version i think.. didnt know that that was johnny depp in that was his first movie... the best know other freddy movie compares to that!!!

Posted by manbearpig

and btw freddy is the actor who played in watchmen with the mask that changes with his expressions, haha i noticed it as soon as i hear fred talking :P .....good shit , blaze it ...EVEN BETTER!!

Posted by HongKongCavaliers

I don't think it had anything really to do with the actor. Well other than the Christian Bale Batman Voice, the Krueger character in this film is a simple killer. Nothing more. The only way to distinguish it as Freddy was to add the glove and have him kill in dreams. The Krueger character has always had some taunting, humorous dialogue, it was more eerie than funny. He was truly a menacing, terrifying boogieman. He had the power of the unconscious conjuring up the worst horrors imaginable. Without that this was not a Nightmare film. Generic Slasher.

Posted by anthtex81

it was a alright movie if you like horror movies but as far as anything like the original freddys this one is kind of lame, 3.8/5 could have been better

Posted by Dinoletsz

the movie is supposed to be longer then 86 minutes! It stops in the middle of the fight. I tried all of them. WTF! Good movie but i wanna see the ending uploader argggghh

Posted by cappee

it wasn't too bad but no one can take the place of the original Freddie!!!

Posted by Dreaamer

wasn't impressed .. I guess it's that type of movie that you should watch if you're really bored

Posted by tisko

I think this movie was greatly different from the other Nightmare on Elm Street films. If your going for comparison to the classic Nightmare films, you will end up in disappointment. I think this film differs from all the others, and kind of used all the aspects from each nightmare film (1-6) in it. For instance the class rooms (Nightmare on Elm Street 4), woman in body bag in hallways (Nightmare on Elm Street), Springwood Diner (Nightmare on Elm Street 4) seeing Freddy in road while driving (Nightmare on Elm Street 5). It's just the little things you notice, that you can relate to all the other nightmare films. As I said before, if your looking for a comparison to the classics, you'll end up disappointed. However, if your looking for a new view to the Nightmare series, this is worth trying. I do agree that no one can replace Freddy as well as Robert England played him. However, again, comparing is not good lol.

Posted by kittykat1991

This movie was ok, but they really shouldn't of remade it. Without Robert englund playing Freddy it just wasn't scary at all 4/10

Posted by bettyboopbbw69

He wasn't as comical and sadistic as Robert...This Freddie was just menopausal. someone just get a big bag of pads and throw them at him already.

Posted by thebigdee

yeah this wasn,t good at all after watching this i decided to watch the original and that made me feel better this remake was worse than garbage

Posted by backroad_420

I grew up with the old movies, so it's hard to accept this new Freddy. If you try to separate them, then it's not as bad.

Posted by philgraham

No film is scarey to me, this film is not too bad cud be better, obviously Robert did a better job, but nuff said 4/5

Posted by Jesus_Saves_With_Geico

I should have listened to everyone else... Oh well, just isn't Freddy. It felt like the characters were bland, the movie had some interesting events but it's not one that I care to see again. A definite one-time-watcher. 4/10 ****

Posted by SmOokiiE

Loved this movie.!!!!*

Posted by iMayEatYourPeople

this was really bland and boring. there were some moments but i just didnt feel scared or whatever. i also thought that the deaths happened all of a sudden and too fast. i get the feeling that this one just got all the hype because the original was crazy good so im gonna go watch the instead. the actors did what they could do, there werent much bad acting its just the pace and somehow all of it feels extremely predictable to us. the effects are good though. thats one of the areas that it could probably defeat the original in. anyway i'll give this a 6/10 because i thought that Freddy is a cool character but this Freddy is not my favorite Freddy.

Posted by Busta_Nizut

Reboot was better then the original and, this was a reboot not remake for you handy cap fucks that don't understand shit. So get the fuck outta here with all this nonsense, i'm sick of all you dick riders hating on this movie. 9/10

Posted by raven13

I's say it was the horrible script more than anything that ruined this movei. Really though, no one can toubh Englunds version of Freddy. So wahat if Englund is a little bit older, he's covered in make-up anyway.

Posted by unbeliever

quite baltant and nothing more. 6/10 worth a watch, but it is not necessary

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